Transportation and location


Our location is close to E14, at the border of Sweden, about 75 km from Trondheim Airport Værnes, 100 km from Trondheim and 60 km from Åre.

We are idyllically situated in scenic surroundings with forests, mountains and water on all sides. You can hover in zip lines over the water while enjoying the beautiful Brudesløret waterfall. We have 15 climbing trails (16 from 1.7.2015) in trees and rocks. The trails have different heights and degrees of difficulty. We facilitate for the whole family, groups, teams and schools to have fun and experience mastery. Better health and motor development is a part of what we offer. Entry to the park is free, but you have to pay a day pass to use the activities.

Parking is located behind Teveltunet mountain lodge, and you have to walk about 400 meters to the climbing park.