Winter activities

The climbing park

Our high rope course park can also be used in the winter. In the winter we separate the activity between to different offers; 4-hour climbing or 2-hour gorge.

What to expect, 4-hour climbing:
Our skilled instructors from Rypetoppen Adventurepark Meråker provide a day with both adrenaline, activity joy and the sense of achievement. When you arrive we will help you with the harness for use in the high rope courses, we assist you with the equipment and provide you with the necessary safety training before our guides go with you in the park.

Our high rope course park has 22 courses in trees and mountains with a total of over 20 zip lines, which are 30-230 meters long and up to 40 meters above the ground. The courses are at different heights and levels of difficulty where we make the whole family, groups, teams and school classes have fun and experience achievement together.

What to expect, 2-hour climbing:
This fits those groups who only want to experience the climbing slopes in the gorge. We start with the necessary training before we go to the gorge, where we have our three most spectacular courses. Here it is optional which courses you take and you can choose from:
Ørna: Our most popular course, and it consisting of zip-line only! Here you can fly through three zip lines, the number two being furthest with its 230 meters and 30 meters up in the air.
Fjellvåken: A long trail with via ferrata (rock climbing in the mountain) before it ends with two long zip-lines over the water. Becaouse of the long climb at the start, this is a relatively heavy and demanding course.
Fossekallen: Our most spectacular course. It starts with a short but demanding, via ferrata (rock climbing in the mountains), before taking the zip-line to the beautiful waterfall, Brudesløret. Here you will go on a smal ana wiggly bridge right next to the waterfall 30 meters above the ground, before reaching a 210 meter long zip line that goes 40 meters above the water.

You need:
– Suitable clothing for the weather conditions

We will provide:
– Necessary training and climbing equipment
– Hot Beverage

Nice to know:
– Some courses may be closed due to weather conditions
– Gloves may be practical regardless of temperature

4-hour climbing: 550, – per person
2-hour climbing: 370, – per person

Ice climbing


During winter, Norway’s striking mountains are encrusted in ice, revealing a stark and dramatic landscape. Ice climbing is a unique and incredible sport that allows the climber to ascend frozen water falls in the midst of some beautiful mountain scenery.
Our waterfall is called «Brudesløret» and has 30m free fall.
Whether guests are climbers who want to learn more about technical ice climbing, or are adventurers who would like to learn about swinging ice tools for the first time, this day will in no doubt leave you smiling, satisfied and a bit tired.

What to expect:
We will start the day inside were our guide will give you a short safety briefing and show you the equipment. After a beautiful hike (900 m) through the climbing park and the frozen lake, we will arrive at the frozen waterfall, Brudesløret, and get ready for climbing. The guide will give you an easy briefing on techniques, before we play on the ice and try different routes.
Our guides will provide the necessary safety for each climber with 2 ropes attached to the mountain.
Our guides are experienced mountaineers.

You need:
– Warm clothing (a detailed list will be provided when guests sign up)
– Warm boots (preferably boots with hard sole)

We will provide:
– All needed ice climbing gear
– Ice tools and crampons
– Hot beverage (tea and/or coffee)
– Professional guides

Nice to know:
Because ice conditions vary a lot from week to week during the winter, we might need to cancel due to safety. If canceled you will be offered a different activity or a full refund.

Duration: 4h
Price: 650,- NOK per person
Number of climbers: 4-8


Snowshoe hiking


This perfect half-day activity fits families, businesses and groups. We offer both day and evening tours in beautiful natural surroundings. Snowshoes is a nice alternative to skiing to experience nature in winter. Our snowshoe hike is an activity that is suitable most people, and there is no requirement for skills.

What to expect:
We start in Langhuset with a tour of the trip. Surrounded by water, mountains and nature, our guide will follow you into the wonderful nature Norway and Sweden have to offer. All are welcome and the tours arranges based on their own wishes and abilities. It is possible to go on a longer hike to Rypetoppen`s closest mountain, Steinfjellet 909 moh, or just go a little into the woods before making the fire. The snowshoes will give you a feeling of flowing on the snow, and they work as well on the mountain as in the woods. There is a rich wildlife on Rypetoppen, and on the trip there is a high probability of seeing wood grouse, grouse, hare, squirrels, reindeer or moose.

You need:
– Warm boots
– Extra warm jacket
– Suitable clothes for the weather conditions. Remember cap and gloves

We will provide:
– Snowshoes and poles
– Hot beverage
– Local guide that follows you throughout the day

Nice to know:
The winter weather varies greatly from week to week at Rypetoppen. We reserve the right to cancel due to safety reasons. In that case, you`ll be offered a full refund.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 650,- nok per person
Number of persons: 2-10 per guide