Holiday and leisure

Fun for the whole family

Play around in climbing trails that contribute to motor development, excitement and mastery. A day in our climbing park centers on activity and good health. Here both children and adults can have fun together. Use your next holidays in our park.

Photo: Lene-Mari Prøven


We have something for everyone. If you do not aim for hanging high up in the trees, there are trails and picnic areas prepared for people using a wheelchair or pushing a baby carriage. Entry to and staying in the park is free, you pay for climbing or paddling only. On warm days you can swim in the park, and the lakes have occasionally been really warm in July. Our park is prepared for adventures in a gorgeous scenery. The Brudesløret waterfall, a famous attraction, is well situated in the park, and you can get to it both at sea and land, and even up in the air. So by all means, bring a camera. Moreover, we recommend using knee pants when you are climbing. Shorts can be uncomfortable when you are wearing climbing gear. Gloves can also be useful, and we are selling climb gloves in the kiosk.

The Brudesløret is otherwise a potentially nesting area for Eagle Owl, and due to this our public authority has placed restrictions on our innermost trails and these are not allowed to be opened before July 1. These restrictions do not apply for our airy trail Ørnen.

And do not fear the rain, we have fun whatever the weather. The only thing to remember is to dress sensibly. A 50-person lavvu is available for you, e.g. to eat your packed lunch. Our climbing trails have different heights, from about 1 meter above the ground to close to 10 meters. We have several zip lines, and in the longest and highest one you will hover high up above the water or ground.


Everyone have to complete our training and go through the safety equipment before they get down to the trails. All trails are built in a way that does not destroy or degrade the trees in the forest. Filling out the declaration is required for everyone who are going to climb or paddle. We recommend you to fill out the form on the web to save time when you arrive.


Practical information

You will find us at the border of Storlien, about 75 km from Trondheim Airport Værnes, 100 km from Trondheim and 60 km from Åre.

We have a kiosk and personalized grill places with grill rental (disposable grills are not allowed). Changing tables are available in some of the toilets.