Bring your business to Rypetoppen

Do you and your company want to strengthen your cohesion, work with team building, or simply have fun? Then Rypetoppen Adventurepark is a perfect alternative for you! In addition to the high ropes course park, we can offer both team building activities and accommodation.

The high ropes Course Park

In the high ropes course park you get to know the sense of achievement by climbing in both trees and mountains and with zip-line over the water. We have courses at different heights and with different degrees where you can choose which course you want to take. For groups that come outside normal opening hours, we normally spend 4 hours in the climbing park, but we can also offer a shorter period where you can try parts of the park or a round of zip line.

Group Activities

In addition to the high ropes course park, we can also offer “creative group assignments” or rappelling. The activities last approx two hours each, but can also be combined with the hight rope course park. “Creative group assignments” is a set of obstacles and solution tasks that one must both cooperate, think and be in activity to get through. Rappelling is controlled downhill down a cliff where you walk / jump down the rock wall while being secured in a rope from the top.


For accommodation, we have both lavvu, cabins (“Bearcaves”) and a family cabin for smaller groups. See separate page for more information on accommodation options at Rypetoppen.

Prices per person

Day pass in the high ropes course park on opening day – 370kr
2 hours group activities (creative group tasks, rappelling or parts of the high ropes course park / zip-line) – 370kr
4 hours group activities (high ropes course park or creative group tasks and rappelling) – 550kr
6 hours group activities (high ropes course park and creative group tasks or rappelling) – 670kr
Accommodation in lavvu – 200kr
Accommodation in Bearcave – 290kr


On opening days, daypass in the high ropes course park can be pre-purchased on our website, but we can also accept group bookings by e-mail. For booking of group activities and climbing or questions please contact