Safety Rules

You must have undergone the safety training before participating in any of the activities in the climbing park

  1. You are not allowed to attend any activities unless you have undergone the safety training first.
  2. Make sure you have understood the safety training before entering the activity area.
  3. Ask if there is anything that is is unclear.

You are responsible for your own and your children’s activity and safety in the climbing park

  1. Persons under 18 years should have an approval from a guardian / responsible adult to attend activities.
  2. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Safety equipment

  1. The climbing harness has three buckles – one on the hip belt and one on each leg loop.
  2. The climbing harness must always sit tight.
  3. If you take off the harness or feel that the harness not sits tight, contact an instructor immediately for control.
  4. Be sure you enter and fasten the heaviest carbine correct on the security line when you start a trail.
  5. When carrying out any element in the trail you must have 2 carabiners securely fastened.
  6. The pulley should be used on the zip lines only.
  7. Wearing floating equipment are required for anyone using a canoe or SUP.


  1. All elements and activities have height and age limits – read all notices before entering the activity.
  2. Move slowly and controlled through activities and elements.
  3. Up to 2 persons are allowed per element (unless otherwise specified). Wait until it is clear before moving into the element.
  4. The platforms between each element has a capacity of up to 3 persons. Wait for free space on next platform before moving into an element.
  5. Max. 1 person on a zip line Do not connect to the zip line until you are sure that the person before you is detached from the line.
  6. Do not grab the zip line while you are moving or attempt to hang upside down in the climbing harness.
  7. On suspicion of errors or defects in within the facilities, contact the park staff immediately.
  8. People with back or neck problems should not climb.
  9. Pregnant ladies climb at their own risk.
  10. People with heart or lung problems climb at their own risk.

Access to the activities is not permitted for:

  1. Persons who not meet the height requirement applicable for each trail.
  2. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are not allowed in any activities in Rypetoppen.
  3. Persons who weigh more than 130 kg.

All traffic outside marked trails inside the park area is prohibited.

Tickets will not be reimbursed if:

  1. A person does not want use the park after completing the safety training.
  2. The park needs to close due to weather changes as storms or strong winds.
  • Remember to fill out one row below the participants even though you will attend!
  • Full name of participantAge 
    Remember to fill out a row for yourself, too, if you will attend.